For those who don’t know what these parental supervision tools mean, it will allow parents to monitor the time their children spend on Instagram, create limits, receive updates on accounts their children follow, and know when their children report someone.

According to Meta, they will add these supervisor tools to a Family Center. This is a place for parents to monitor their children’s accounts inside the Meta technology. In addition, it lets them create and use supervision tools and communicate with their children about internet usage.

Need for parental control on Instagram

In 2021, Instagram was the focus of an enormous investigation over the lack of safety features that protect young users. Though technically, Instagram doesn’t allow those under 13 to register, nothing solid stops kids below that age from using the app.

Previously, Instagram announced that it would apply machine learning and AI to ensure that only people 13 and above can register. However, it is general knowledge that children under this age can easily find their way to the app.

Though building Instagram for kids failed, Meta argued that it was an attempt to remove young users from Instagram while creating a place for them.

Because of the several safety issues associated with Instagram, parental control becomes necessary. This is what the parental control tools on Instagram aim to achieve.

Parents can initiate the supervision tools via a sent invitation to their children.

Parental Control Tools On Instagram India
Parental Control Tools On Instagram India

Launch of Parental Control Tools

Launching parental control tools in India ensures that certain activities are curbed, and parents can monitor their children’s activities as they browse the app. Additionally, parents can initiate the supervision tools via a sent invitation to their children.

Previously, parents couldn’t do this. In summary, the parental control tools on Instagram India will let guardians and parents:

  • Manage the time that their children spend on Instagram — This would help children manage their time on Instagram via a screen time limit and also schedule breaks during the day and the week.

  • Know the accounts that follow their children and the accounts their children follow — Children can update parents with people they connect with on Instagram.

  • Get notified on reports their children make — Children can choose to send their parents notice when they make a report on Instagram. This allows discussions between the parents and the child.

Parental Control Tools On Instagram India

Features that can help your child explore Instagram app safely.

Parental Control Tools On Instagram India

Instagram noted that its parent organization, Meta, would be working with experts, guardians, parents, and young people from India to know the needs of the young people and parents.

One of the primary aims is to ensure that parents and guardians have the necessary resources and tools to help educate them about the digital service. To do this, Instagram would work with to engage parents and spread awareness of the tools.

Meta will also work with Yuvaa — a youth insight and media company, to spread awareness of the resources. CEO and Co-founder of Yuvaa said:

“Young people today want to speak about their online experiences but have apprehensions with their parents because the generation gap for the Gen Zs has unfortunately become a communication gap.

In our partnership with Meta, we aim to bridge this gap and ensure the tools and resources launched today trigger them to have a much-needed conversation.”

Launch of Family Centers

The Family Center has an education hub where parents can access helpful review articles, videos, and tips on talking with kids on social media and resources from experts.

Parents can also watch tutorial videos on how to use the new Supervision Tools, so they can fully use the platform. In India, these centers will include resources such as the Parents Guide.

Others include the ‘Dealing with Exam Stress’ guide, which was developed for Mental Health, and an LGBTQ+ guide on how to safely navigate the web, which was created in conjunction with the Queer Muslim Project. These guides will be available in Hindi and English.

Also, to help parents and children address online safety issues, Meta partnered with the RATI Foundation — an Aarambh India initiative to create the ‘Meri Trustline.’

This helpline would support children under 18 who face distress due to online safety concerns such as child sexual abuse and cyber security. In addition, the family center reflects how parents engage with their children in the real world.

This would also let parents know their children’s friends and when they hang out. But it won’t allow eavesdropping on private conversations. The aim is to let parents and their children converse about online safety in a way that protects their children’s privacy and autonomy.

The safety of our community is of paramount importance to Meta. The supervision tools and the Family Center will add to our efforts on keeping young people safe.

Parental Control Tools On Instagram India
Parental Control Tools On Instagram India

Future of Instagram in India

The newly launched Parental Control Tools on Instagram India was first introduced in the United States in March 2022 and has finally come to stay in India.

The launch of parental control tools on Instagram India comes at a time when there is a rising global concern concerning the adverse effects of social media on the minds of young people. This has led Meta to work with people from India to know the needs of young people.

One of the significant needs is the resources and tools needed to educate parents about digital services. Educating parents will let them help their children better manage their online experience in India. The result would be a healthy platform for young people.


To make social media safe for young people, Instagram recently announced the introduction of new Parental Supervision Tools. These tools would let parents better manage their online presence by helping them set screen time limits.

It would also keep tabs on the accounts following their children and notify the parents when their children report an account on Instagram. After its successful launch in the United States this year, it is now rolled out in India.

Instagram would work with companies, parents, and young people in India to ensure that parents are educated on the usage of these tools.