The top-performing apps in app stores are those that are ever-evolving and reflecting the feedback and requirements of the audience.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022
A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022

What is App Store Optimisation?

If you know SEO and search engine ranking, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the hang of App Store Optimization. It is a type of mobile app marketing that involves mobile app optimization so that an app can rank higher during an App Store Search.

With an app ranking high during a search on the app store, it exposes it more to users and can translate to traffic and conversion on the app’s page. Optimizing your app on the app store will also increase the number of downloads of your app.

For effective App Store Optimization, you need to pay attention to the app name and title, description, keywords, subtitle, number of downloads, and ratings and reviews.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022

Understand your target customers and the keywords they use to discover apps similar to yours. Once you can identify that, you can take advantage of ASO ranking and hit the download goal you have for the app.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022


ASO and SEO are quite similar but different in a couple of ways. They are similar in that the goal is to increase visibility through ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that aims to increase a website’s visibility on search engine return pages (SERPs).

Basically, you can differentiate both based on the platforms on which they matter. ASO matters on app stores and only concerns applications and games, while SEO is for websites. Since SEO is a more popular term, some people refer to ASO as mobile app SEO since it is similar to that, and so that people can have an idea of what it is all about.

One can break down the similarities and differences between both into bits:

Based on ranking factors:

Increase app download rate Increase a website’s visibility in search results
Increase an app’s visibility in app store search results and when users explore apps For business growth
Drive traffic to an app store page To drive traffic to a web page
Reduce the cost of acquiring new users

Based on ranking factors:

Apps rank in app stores based on their title, subtitle, short description, long description, keyword list, number of downloads, visual assets, downloads, updates, in-app purchases, reviews and ratings, and app listing localization.

On the other hand, web pages rank based on mobile friendliness, keyword match, tags, external links, social signals, domain age, URL and authority, content validity and relevance, user experience, page loading speed, website security and accessibility, and more.

Based on KPI:

You can measure the effectiveness of your App Store Optimization by measuring visits, downloads, users rating and reviews, organic downloads, the impression from search, and revenue.

On the other hand, you can track SEO’s KPI through keyword ranking, organic traffic, page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, page visitors, search terms, comments, click-through rate, clicked links, revenue, and other factors.

Just like SEO, optimizing for your app’s visibility is a constantly evolving and ongoing process. When you build an app, your goal is to drive traffic.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022
A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022

Organic App Store Optimisation

You could use some tips to build organic App Store Optimization and increase your app visibility. As mentioned earlier, some factors matter in ranking apps on app stores. You can use them to increase your app’s visibility and conversion rate.

Here’s how to build mobile app optimization on the app store:

  • App name, URL, and subtitle

When entering your app’s name, subtitle, and URL, ensure that you use core keywords that will reflect high-value keywords and user search behavior. This helps to reinforce your app’s value, differentiation, and other factors that will help you stand out.

However, you should be careful to prevent keyword stuffing because algorithms can identify that, and that just ruins your ASO efforts.

  • App rating and reviews

Rating and reviews build a form of trust in users, and here is a part you can leverage to increase your app’s conversion rate. Have a strategy for generating positive reviews and engaging the reviews on your app page.

Build up the volume and freshness of your reviews and ratings, and ensure you have front-line staff available who will respond swiftly to them.

  • Update app keyword fields

You need to update your keyword fields to the latest user search queries. This involves traditional keyword research and gathering comprehensive data to identify them. In addition, you should do this occasionally to be sure you are on top of things.

  • App downloads

You need to update your keyword fields to the latest user search queries. This involves traditional keyword research and gathering comprehensive data to identify them. In addition, you should do this occasionally to be sure you are on top of things.

  • Update your app

Updating your app will improve your app’s relevance to your users and prompt them to use it more, download updates, and leave good ratings and reviews. This helps your App Optimization goal.

  • Use quality thumbnails and screenshots

Quality thumbnails and screenshots will affect the click-through rates of your app on app stores.

App Store vs. Google Play

Both App Store and Google Play are popular app stores that serve as platforms where users can find and download apps or games. While this is common ground, they don’t work the same for App Store Optimization.

For example, keywords are evaluated differently on both platforms. Google Play evaluates keywords similar to that of Google Search, while the app store provides specific fields for keywords, and you can’t repeat keywords across the different fields.

The App store also considers the app name, URL, subtitle, keyword field, in-app purchase, in-app events, updates, downloads, engagements, hidden factors, and ratings and reviews. On the other hand, Google Play considers app titles, long descriptions, short descriptions, updates, in-app purchases, android vitals, downloads, engagements, hidden factors, ratings and reviews, app keywords, and updates.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022

Apps that get updated more frequently tend to derive more positive and more frequent reviews.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) 2022

Paid App Store Optimization

While organic ASO works, some app publishers use paid App Store Optimization. App Store and Google Play offer paid placement for apps on the platforms so that your apps can rank when users search for similar apps.

Your app can also be placed on the suggested search section of users who have interacted with or downloaded apps similar to yours on the platform. Engaging in paid App Store Optimization can help increase your app visibility.

3 Best ASO Tools

One way to execute your ASO strategy is by using tools. Using ASO tools will help in improving an app’s visibility and boost conversion. Here are some ASO tools that you can use to increase your keyword ranking and boost conversion:

1. Apptweak

Apptweak is a good ASO tool that helps increase an app’s visibility and conversion by collating data and providing insights that will improve your ASO strategy.

2. ASOtools

This tool helps you with organic app optimization, analyzes data collated, and provides accurate download and revenue estimates.

3. AppFollow

AppFollow helps you manage and respond to users’ reviews, analyze the reviews and ratings, and improve the app ranking organically.


App store SEO is something every app publisher should know about and engage in if they want their app to succeed unless they are already established. It’s up to you if you want to engage in organic or paid ASO marketing. You can do it yourself or ask an expert to help you.

For App Store Optimization to be successful, you need to follow ASO best practices which you can find in the tips shared in the article. With the right guide, you can increase your app’s visibility and conversion in no time.