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RM Labs is a research and development hub

Working to uncover new technology to create data points which help in analysing consumer intent and behaviour

Current Research Focus

The requisites, reach and impact of “shoppable” content that have become growth drivers
RM Lab

Social Media For Commerce

Innovating new tools and strategies to convert social media interactions into tangible conversions. Using social media to drive direct sales.

RM Lab

Digital White Noise

Identifying the fine line between being digitally persistent and digitally intrusive. Implementing methods which draw conversions while respecting consumer privacy.

RM Lab
RM-Labs- Shoppable-Content

Story Driven “Shoppable” Content

Studying consumer intent and market response to interactive content.


Social Behavior Mapping

Analyzing consumer attitude toward multi-payment modes and the ease of payment possibilities while social surfing.


The Power Of Silence

The impact of controlled information sharing.

We research and develop the right approach to cater to consumer preferences in an ever-changing environment.


Emerging Opportunities


Declutter the various ways to reach and interact with consumers.

Overcoming New Hurdles


To find easy solutions to adapt and implement new technology for easy, uncomplicated performance marketing.

Impact of brand relevance is consumer communications

Break away from the “messy middle” of a consumer journey to deliver meaningful business growth

Brand Relevance

The importance of authentic and consistent brand communication for meaningful conversions

Brand Measurement

The merits of consolidating independent performance metrics into a single own able measurement

Human Truth

Exploring the promise made by brands which touches consumers beyond the product or service


Client partners Across 7 countries

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Bring your market research expectations to us and we will partner with you to create innovative solutions to further business growth with new technology and implementation.

Constant evolution is the key to successful businesses

There is no one-tool approach that provides a universal growth solution

Developing a combination of tools that map consumer intent and understand consumer behavior and is capable of evolving to the ever-changing demands of a competitive digital space keeps businesses one step ahead of the game.


Unique Testimonials

Partnering with their team to understand consumer patterns better has definitely helped us align our strategies and get more interactions, queries and consequent conversions

Saurabh Srivastava

Digital Marketing, Datamatics

Very sound market research that goes beyond the usual understanding of the TG to explore attitude and intent

Suhasini Rao

CEO, CubeRoute

A different kind of business partnership that helps pioneer new experiences to the digital space.

Parking Stevens

Marketing Manager, Aura, SA

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