What Makes A Digital Marketing Campaign Successful?

Media houses do know how to create and execute some amazing campaigns. Successful marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident; it combines creativity, careful planning, amazing content, execution, and sharing with appropriate media.

Some elements determine what makes a marketing campaign successful. These are three important ones that great marketing campaigns don’t lack:

  • Emotional connect

One way for a campaign to be successful is for it to have an emotional appeal. Emotion is what triggers action or reaction in people, which they often try to justify with logic. The campaign should stir some kind of emotions in the viewers, which could be nostalgia, happiness, or others, depending on the campaign goal.

The emotional connection helps them to notice, remember, and relate to the campaign, which will trigger them to share it and buy the product.

  • Relatability

Successful digital marketing campaigns are relatable. It should be something the audience can connect to and show that the message is for a real person going through the experience.

That way, the audience can connect with the campaign and brand on a personal level.

  • Shareability

Another way to tell if a marketing campaign is successful is if it is shareable. If it is good enough, people will talk about it and share it with their friends and families in their social gatherings and on their socials.

If the campaign is an experience common to them, they can connect with it emotionally and relate to it; they will share it effortlessly.

The emotional connection helps audience to notice, remember, and relate to the campaign, which will trigger audience to share it and buy the product.

5 Best Diwali Campaigns We Loved in 2021: A Review
5 Best Diwali Campaigns We Loved in 2021: A Review

Campaign 1: HP Diya Se Diya Jalao

The first campaign on our list is HP: Diya Se Diya Jalao. This campaign displays the essence of the celebration; people coming together as a community to celebrate joy and happiness, leaving no one out.

This campaign evokes different emotions in people. It points out that everyone should come together to celebrate, and one person should be a lamp that lights up another person’s happiness.

Someone going through a difficult time and another helping out is something people can relate to, and the final result evokes happiness and joy in everyone in the spirit of the Diwali celebration.

Campaign 2: Vi: Look Up

People often get distracted and lost in their devices, ignoring what is happening around them. Since Diwali is a moment of celebration where family members come together, the campaign urges people to look up from their devices, connect with people around them, and be in the moment.

Being overly engrossed in our devices is something everyone can relate to. We specifically love the powerful message this campaign passed last Diwali, and we still stand on it for this year that people should look up from their devices and enjoy the beautiful moments that connect us during this period.

Campaign 3: Le Grand | Adding Safety To Your Celebrations

Connections are integral parts of Diwali celebrations. This connection includes people we celebrate with, the light connection that brightens up the celebrations, and people who are responsible for the light connection and retailers who sell what we use for Diwali.

The campaign points out that for all the connections to stay safe during the celebrations, they need to be vaccinated to be protected. This is a shareable campaign, and it appeals to the human in us to stay safe for the celebrations.

5 Best Diwali Campaigns We Loved in 2021: A Review

If the campaign is an experience common to the audience, they can connect with it emotionally and relate to it; they will share it effortlessly.

5 Best Diwali Campaigns We Loved in 2021: A Review

Campaign 4: Greenply Plywood | Yaha Rishte Baste Hai

This short film campaign by Greenply Plywood is very emotional. With the nostalgic effect, a mother remembered her sweet times with her family at the dining table while reading the names inscribed on the chairs.

In the end, she received a surprise visit from her sons and their families during Diwali, and they enjoyed a wonderful celebration around the table. That was emotional, and it’s relatable in that when children grow up, they leave the house, and their parents miss them. Celebrations like Diwali are times they come back and reconnect.

Campaign 5: RealMe | Hope For Great Things

Everyone at one point has lost something or someone important to them, and this can dampen their will to celebrate fun and happy holidays like Diwali. The campaign encourages people who don’t feel up to the celebration to hope for and do great things with RealMe.

It appeals to the emotional side of people going through that kind of loss to celebrate regardless in a special way. This Diwali advertisement also encourages people to go the extra mile to help a loved one enjoy the holiday just like they are too.

What We Look Forward to in 2022 – More responsible & heartfelt celebrations

Diwali celebrations are around the corner and will stir up different emotions in people. It’s another time for different Diwali creative ads to start rolling out. Like the past Diwali celebrations, we had creative Diwali campaigns that impressed us, and we look forward to this year.

What we look forward to in this year’s Diwali campaigns is for brands to push out campaigns that pass an important message of more responsible and heartfelt celebrations. We want brands to show the need for people to celebrate responsibly and stay safe.

We also want Diwali creatives by brands to showcase heartfelt celebrations in their campaigns. That is, how people can go the extra mile to ensure everyone around them partakes in the celebrations wholeheartedly and happily. We want to see emotional connectivity and relatability in the campaigns.


Diwali is a happy celebration that stirs different emotions in people. It is a time of sharing and reconnecting with loved ones, and 2021 campaigns let us see and feel that.

The campaigns we reviewed were successful because they had the elements of relatability, shareability, and emotional connection. This year, we hope brands will help showcase the festival as a more responsible and heartfelt one in their Diwali campaigns.